How it works:

Begin with a Base =

1 to 2 hours

+ Unlimited locations

+ Unlimited outfits and accessories

+ 2 Session Styles

+ Gift 1! 40 custom-designed Grad Cards

+ Gift 2! Flash Drive with all edited images!

Start Stacking!

Add one Stackable Styles =


+ 1 more location

+ 30 more minutes

+ Gift! 25 more Grad Cards

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+ 2 more locations

+ 1 more hour

+ Gift! 50 more Grad Cards

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Photo by Nicole Jeren of SimplyTold

Well, hello! Welcome to the blog for Three Eleven Photography! Please pull up your chair, get comfy and take a few minutes to peruse my lastest work and other lovely ideas and inspirations on this blog.

If it's your first time here, let me tell you a little about Three Eleven and myself. My name is Lindsay Ann Corrigan. Photography is one of my passions in life and people are another. With Three Eleven, I get to combine these two things to make my job! I get to capture the most precious times in life and give them as a gift to relive over and over. Weddings, portraits... life. Everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Oh, and if you enjoy what you see and read, please leave a comment!



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Meet Brennan!


A few times a week, I drive or walk by Betty Blaine’s house and a couple months ago, I saw that two giant bows  - a pink and a blue – had been tied to her front lamppost. I knew what that meant! She had two new grandbabies – a boy and a girl! No, not twins! Her daughter and her daughter-in-law were due just weeks apart. And guess what!? I have the privilege of taking newborn portraits of both new babies! 

Mr. Brennan was first. He is 10 weeks-old and as precious as can be! His mama, Allison, wanted to give his daddy some portraits for his birthday, which was just around the corner, so we had to keep the session a surprise! 

Brennan was a perfectly happy little guy for the session! All Allison had to do was talk to him and he started kicking his legs and flailing arms. A big smile lit up his little face as he gave her slobbery kisses. He obviously adores his mama. Naturally, his grandma and mama wanted to capture his smiles, so they were doing their best to entertain him during the session. I had to grab a quick shot of Betty Blaine – I’d say she’s pretty thrilled to be a new grandma!

Later today, I’ll be doing a newborn portrait session with Brennan’s cousin, Blaine. I am so excited! You know I love cousins!

Betty Blaine and Allison, I'm so glad y'all decided to call me! Thank you for working with me! Brennan sure is a handsome little guy! I hope he keeps his joyful disposition - what a blessing!



Be Beautiful

The subject and ideology of this speech by Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong'o are so close to my heart. "You can't eat beauty. It doesn't feed you." Please take a few minutes and watch this, especially you, young woman.

Be Beautiful, don't look beautiful.


The Sargeant Family Portraits

Say hello to the Sargeant Family! Last time, they were on the blog was Abby’s Senior Shoot in June, which was so fun! We see them pretty much everywhere we go in town because they’re very involved in our community here in Kinston.  I am so glad they snagged our final mini session last Saturday.

It got colder as the sun went down. Thankfully, we laughed a whole lot and that warmed us up a bit. As always, I encourage goofing off… a little. Will did not disappoint! He is definitely the family comedian. He kept us all laughing the whole night. We had such a fun time with this awesome family! I hope we get to do another session when it is warmer!


Jon & Laury, thank you for working with me again! I appreciate y’all coming out into the cold and being so cheerful about it. You have two awesome kids! I hope you love the portraits!


The Norris Family Portraits

Saturday was a special day for the Norris Family. Elizabeth Grace, their oldest daughter, had her first cotillion. The early part of their day was spent getting her hair and make-up done and preparing for the big event that night. It was so perfect for them to do a mini session that afternoon.

I think Elizabeth started the session a little nervous in front of the camera, but slowly she grew more comfortable and her inner model came out. When I asked her about what she was wearing for the Holly Ball, her eyes lit up and excitement started to well up inside her as she described her formal dress for the night. She was going to have so much fun!

Rachel brought some of her most special friends to the session, including her American Doll, Molly in her matching outfit! Rachel giggled and smiled the whole time – she made my job easy! She had her make-up done, too, just like big sister.

As I watched this family together, it just made me so excited to watch Mckenna grow up around these two young ladies. The Norris’s live just around the corner from us and also go to church with us. I am so grateful that my little girl has role models like these ahead of her to watch. I’m looking forward to the day Elizabeth can start babysitting!


Travis and Catherine, your girls are lovely! Y’all did so well and I hope you love the portraits! Thank you for coming out in the dreary weather to work with me. Let’s do it again when it’s sunny! Congratulations are in order, too! We are praising God with y'all for Travis's graduation from ECU! Hooray!


Sharon's Family Portraits

This family is very special to many people. I feel like I can just stop at that because there are so many who will look at these portraits and know exactly what I mean. They have been in Kinston for several generations, four of which are in this portraits. They have touched many lives. Sharon writes a sweet blog about the season of life she is in now after her husband, Les, passed away two years ago. If you need to take a breath and let out stress, take five minutes and look at her blog. It is so rich. You might want a few tissues, though.

Sharon told me she wanted to get all of her family together because she wanted to commemorate the people she has around her now. This session had been on Sharon's wish list for a few years now. We were not about to let a dreary weather report keep us from making it happen. Thank the Lord for no rain, because we may have been out there with umbrellas.

It was chilly, but everyone was in such good spirits, especially two of my favorite kiddos. They were cold, but they did so well! Sharon said she is a “daddy’s girl” and she and her sister are very close to their father. He is a very lucky…no blessed man!

Sharon, thank you so much for calling me. I am so glad that we were able to do this. I know it was special, and I am honored that you chose to work with me. Thank you to all your family for being so awesome and getting out in the cold weather. I love you guys! Bernie, I am so grateful for your generosity to Toloha Partnership. We are so close to getting clean water to the village! Thank you for your help.